Synthesis of protein nanoparticles for drug delivery

Dan Cheng, Xueqing Yong, Tianwen Zhu, Yining Qiu, Jun Wang, Hui Zhu, Baoliang Ma, Jinbing Xie


In the past decades, nanoparticles have attracted increasing attention in biomedicine field due to their high drug-loading effectiveness, well selectivity for target tissues, and long-acting time in circulation. Among them, drug delivery system based on protein nanoparticles has been widely studied aiming to overcome deficiency of drug-loaded materials, such as low biocompatibility, inefficient biodegradability and high toxicity. In this review, we briefly introduced the drug delivery system based on protein nanoparticles. The methods for synthesizing protein nanoparticles as well as its therapeutic efficacy as drug delivery system were considered. And we also discussed the application and prospects of protein nanoparticles in drug delivery.


Protein nanoparticles, drug delivery, cancer, UV illumination.

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