The contributions of hypnoacupuncture analgesia to pain-related variables

Jennifer Chou, HuaDe Chen


Investigate the analgesic effect of hypnoacupuncture by using various pain-related variables for assessment. By adopting a data collection method and an induction method, this study identified five pain-related variables (i.e., pain intensity, pain duration, pain frequency, pain sensation, and pain area) that influenced hypnoacupuncture analgesia. A six-month clinical experiment was conducted, in which different combinations of hypnoacupuncture analgesia-based treatments were administered. The clinical experiment consisted of a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture group (who received hegu acupuncture point treatment, i.e., acupuncture treatment by using the acupuncture point of hegu), a hypnosis group, a combination group (who received a combination of TCM acupuncture point treatment and the hypnosis treatment), and a control group. Each group received three courses of treatment that lasted a total of ten days. The participants completed a Wong–Baker FACES pain rating scale that measured the five pain-related variables. The experiment results were analyzed using an SPSS software package, in which dependent t tests, independent t tests, and ANOVA were performed. 1) In terms of pain intensity, significant changes were observed in the hypnosis group and the combination group, indicating that the two methods featured the advantages of alleviating pain intensity and sustaining the pain relief effect; and 2) In terms of pain sensation, significant changes were observed in the TCM acupuncture group, suggesting that it possessed the advantage of reducing pain intensity.  The following conclusions were derived according to the experiment results: 1) Clinically, hypnosis techniques as well as the hegu acupuncture point-based treatment can alleviate acute sore throat; 2) Clinically, hypnoacupuncture analgesia can enhance the pain relief effect of acute sore throat; and 3) Hypnoacupuncture analgesia significantly affected pain intensity, in which it features the advantages of alleviating pain intensity and sustaining the pain relief effect.


Hegu acupuncture point analgesia; hypnotic analgesia; hypnoacupuncture analgesia.

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